Man blows people’s minds with ‘perfectly’ smooth lines around sockets as he paints wall

There are some of us who struggle to paint a wall without getting splashes everywhere, while other, more talented types make it look deceptively simple. One man has recently left people completely blown away after demonstrating the satisfyingly smooth way he paints walls, without leaving so much as a smudge.

The painter, whose name is Alec, regularly shares videos to help others become “expert painters” just like him, and his recent video did not disappoint. Cracking open a tin of rich burgundy paint, Alec grabbed a brush and began applying thick yet beautifully neat strokes of paint to his wall.

In the video, shared to TikTok under the username @dndpainting, Alec could be seen carefully painting around a plug socket and the top of the wall. He then took a larger roller brush and painted the wall top to bottom, all the way across, in long smooth strokes.

At one point, he cheekily pretended to miss a bit, breaking his flow, before going back and filling it in. The end result looked absolutely gorgeous, with the coat of paint reminding some of a big glass of “red wine”.

However, people loved watching the process even more, with the satisfyingly confident sweeping sound of the brush proving to be very soothing. Even better was the complete lack of mess, with Alec’s white hoodie and matching shorts apparently remaining paint-free throughout.

The video has since been liked more than 3.8 million times and counting, and many have expressed nothing short of complete amazement at Alec’s formidable painting skills, especially the fact that he didn’t even bother to use tape.

One person gasped: “At this point, I’m convinced you’ve never made a single mistake ever in your life. That was flawless lmaoo.”

Another wrote: “Oh my god, you didn’t tape anything. My anxiety was so high and the OCD precision in me is now in awe. Emotional roller coaster my dude.”